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How to use Ninja blender. How to use Ninja blender as Single Serve?

How to use Ninja Blender?

Ninja Blenders are newly functioned electrical blenders. Ninja blenders are widely used nowadays due to their digitalization and contemporary tasks. These blenders are made according to nowadays uses and are based on modern practices. But if you use the word “use” then a question that arises in your mind is that how to use Ninja blender? This question confuses many people. The reason is that the blenders are completely different from other blenders based on their being used, shape, and designs. If someone buys a Ninja blender for the first time then didn’t know how to use Ninja Blender? If you are one of them who are facing this problem and didn’t know how to use Ninja blender, then you need to worry about this question.

In this article, I’m going to explain the introduction of Ninja Blenders, how to use Ninja blender, the main purposes and uses of Ninja blender

Introduction to Ninja Blenders:

Ninja blenders are high-power blenders that are widely used in the kitchen for various purposes. Ninja blenders are used to serve three mega functions at a time. Firstly, three-speed which used for own choice. Secondly, pulse, and thirdly, Single-serve Function. Single-serve is a little bit different from the first two.

How to use Ninja blender as Single Serve?

As  I said, Ninja blenders are multifunctional kitchen appliances. Some Ninja blenders have a single-serve option. This single-serve means that your Ninja blender can serve as what you want to make. So if you want to know how to use Ninja blender as Single Serve then Follow these steps:

First of all, remove the pitcher from the base.

Take a cup of your Ninja blender and insert it on the base.

Add the ingredients of your choice into the cup. It depends on what you wish to make.

Then press the single-serve option of your Ninja blender. It will start processing and after few minutes your shake or Slushie whatever you want to make is ready.

How to use it for Blending?

If you are a new user of Ninja blender or you have bought a new blender from the market and I’m pretty sure you have asked this question how to use Nina blender from the shopkeeper and salesman. He/She explains but you’re still confused because you haven’t used it yet. So follow these steps to know about how to use Ninja blender:

Manual Instructions:

How to use Ninja blender. How to use Ninja blender as Single Serve?

The first thing you have to do is read all the instructions mentioned in the manual instructions card carefully scrutinizing to use, not to use, rinsing, and about warranty.

 Assemble your blender:

How to use Ninja blender. How to use Ninja blender as Single Serve?

The second thing you have to do is assembled your Ninja blender before use it. The assembly of your blender is very important. After the assembly of a blender Fix the pitcher on the base of the blender. Rotate the pitcher clockwise. This will give you a “Tick” sound which means your pitcher is well placed and capable to do work best.

Then pick the sharp blades of a blender and try to fix them onto the shaft. In other blenders, there is only one blade of one shape only but in Ninja blenders, there are at least three available blades. These blades are of different sizes and shapes and are used for different purposes from simple tasks to the toughest tasks.

Connect your Blender with Electricity:

How to use Ninja blender. How to use Ninja blender as Single Serve?

As Ninja blenders are electrical appliances so can’t work without electrical power. So without any delay plug in your blender. During plug-in, one thing you have to remember is that do no pull the wire of a blender. Plug in your blender where the socket is available. If you give a jerk to the wire then the chances of failure of coiling inside the blender may occur and this may result in a burst of the motor of your precious and pretty blender. So try to use extension wire sockets for the plug-in.

Release and Fix the Lid:

How to use Ninja blender. How to use Ninja blender as Single Serve?

Removal and fixing the lid in Ninja blenders are quite different from the other blenders. In other blenders, the lid is removed from the base with the help of a hand and it requires some force to push it out. But in Ninja blender, it is just one touch job. Press the “ Release” button from the base of your blender. This button is rectangular in shape. By pressing the release button you can easily remove the lid from the base.

Ingredient mixture:

How to use Ninja blender. How to use Ninja blender as Single Serve?

Then add your gradient to the pitcher. Usually, vegetables and fruits are used as ingredients. Remember one thing that your Ninja blender will work best when normal pieces of fruits and vegetables are put into a pitcher. These pieces are large enough that they are easily placed in the pitcher. Larger pieces cannot chop easily so results are not good. Similarly, if you’re using ice cubes you must make sure that ice cubes are not too large. Too large pieces and cubes may affect the efficiency of the motor and sharp blades too. If you are using fruits that have peel like orange, banana, mango, etc then peel them before using them. Then lock the lid of the jar.

Selection of setting:

How to use Ninja blender. How to use Ninja blender as Single Serve?

The setting is a very crucial element in a blender for blending purposes. Two to three setting buttons are fixed in a Ninja blender. these setting buttons read as Speed 1, Speed2, Speed 3 Pulse setting. Choose the setting button according to your gradients used. The pulse setting buttons are a little bit unique that used for processing, blending, and chopping. Speed 1 is used for the mixing of gradients. Speed 2 is used for the blending process and speed 3 is used for chopping especially for ice cubes. When your gradients are fully ready for blending then hold one of the setting buttons until your gradients are not fully blended, processed, or chopped.

By Following above all the steps you came to know that tow to use your Ninja blender and hope you will never ask this question from a salesman, or shopkeeper.

Main purposes of Ninja Blender:

There are several purposes and uses of Ninja blenders they are also the best blender for making baby food. These multifunctional versatile blenders can be used for many more purposes some of them are discussed below.

Protein shake:

Ninja blenders are perfect for making protein shakes because they have enough power to support making protein shakes So in these blenders without using protein powder your protein shake will be ready.

Homemade Mayonnaise:

If you haven’t made homemade mayonnaise yet then take your Ninja blender now and try it now. It takes only one minute to prepare it and it will give you delicious mayonnaise.


If you are in the mood for Sorbet and know that you haven’t a food processor to make it then don’t worry. Just bring out your Ninja Blender and make various kinds of Sorbets. For example, blueberry Sorbet needs just a few things to prepare. Put Lemon juice, Plant-based milk, Sugar, and blueberries. Let allow these ingredients to blend for few minutes. Then enjoy your delicious blueberries Sorbet.


Pancakes are made with a thick mixture that needs enough power which is not possible with blenders. In this Ninja, Blenders are used to make divine taste pancakes at your home. Ninja blenders have much power and are used for various recipes. So enjoy your breakfast at your home.


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