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how to spray oil in an air fryer the proper way

Air fryers have revolutionized the way we use our appliances in the kitchen. They are very useful tools, which have the potential to do anything including baking, dehydrating, roasting, air frying, and many more. Many recipes and an air fryer may require the use of oil. Do you know how to spray oil in an air fryer? if not then keep on reading we will give you complete guidance. And also an alternative if you don’t have an oil sprayer for an air fryer.

In many cases, these little dudes have even replaced microwaves and ovens as they are much easier to operate and much healthier. As they are comparatively new in the market, hence there are people who need more information about them.

How to spray oil in an air fryer

How to spray oil in an air fryer?

Can we use oil in an air fryer?

The simplest answer to this question is a big yes. But there is a lot of difference between using oil in the deep-fried, oven, and air fryer. In most cases, we need a very little amount of oil, and in many cases; there is no need to use oil in an air fryer at all. We created this guide for you to give you complete information about using oil in an air fryer.

Why do I need to use oil in an air fryer?

As I already told you, there is no need to use oil in an air fryer as in deep fry or oven. You need oil in some cases. Apart from that, Frozen food does not need any oil at all. Chicken nuggets, French fries, tater tots, and pizza rolls already came with added oil.

So, how much do I need to add oil to an air fryer?

It depends from recipe to recipe. However, for a general rule, I slightly spray items using a small spray bottle. Most of the items only need a slight spray of oil from time to time and according to your need. Most proceeded food does not require oil at all. While breading chicken in an air fryer, I spray oil when flipping the sides of the chicken in order to make sure that oil is equally added to all parts of the chicken.

Different kinds of food that required adding oil in an air fryer?

Some items required a slight amount of oil to be added to an air fryer.

In case you decide to not use oil in these items, then they will get dry and you will not enjoy the juiciness of these items.

How to spray oil in an air fryer then?

First, take almost one teaspoon in an oil sprayer and spray oil from all sides of the food. Most of the time, this 1 teaspoon is enough oil to make food juicy but in case you feel the food is dry then you can add some extra oil. But, remember every time you spray oil, try to spray equally across every side of the food.

Roasted fresh vegetables.

You can use oil or butter in roasted vegetables.

How to use oil in an air fryer.

Add one teaspoon of oil to a bowl and then add cut vegetables into the bowl. After this step, mix oil into the vegetables by tossing them in a bowl. In adding oil to vegetables, you should be more cautious as leaving cut vegetables for long will not only make them dry but also hard; which we definitely do not want them to be.

Some of the vegetables that can be oil sprayed are

  1. Air-fried baby carrot
  2. Whole air-fried baby potato
  3. Homemade sweet potato fries
  4. Roasted broccoli

What are the best oils for air fryers?

The best oil for an air fryer is one, which does not burn at high temperatures. These oils are usually referred to as high smoke points. The air fryer has a coil near to food; this may cause burning. This is not only health hazardous but also spoils the taste of food.

Key tips to decide which oil spray is better?


Avoid all those pressurized propellants and conventional canned oil sprays with a propellant. These sprays came up with added chemicals, which are hazardous for your health. Apart from that, propellant oils are also harmful to air fryers as they peel off the lining of baskets when cooked at high temperatures.


A good oil spray not only saves your money but also is very necessary for healthy cooking. Fill this good spray with a high-quality high-point oil that can be used in all kinds of cooking, not just air fryers.

Caution Purchase

Some brand seems perfect 1st at the store when we buy but later on, they began to clog up upon continuous usage and this process cannot be stopped even with proper maintenance. In addition to that, also consider the quality of how fine the spray. Always consider their overall role when buying any air fryer. There is an air fryer that works perfectly with BBQ but they are quite heavy for an air fryer. Also, do not buy any oil spray that is too finer. The thing is always to check different types of sprays and go with the perfect one.

What else can I use if I do not have oil spray?

If you don’t have any oil spray then don’t worry. You can also use a brush to coat the oil. But for that, you must be cautious to not put extra oil on the food.

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