How to reheat sandwich in an air fryer?

how to reheat sandwich in air fryer,

How to reheat sandwich in an air fryer?



Do you want to know what are the best methods of how to reheat sandwich in air fryer? keep on reading to know all the steps you need to know.

Everyone likes fresh, juicy, and delicious sandwiches to be served on his or her table. But, in this fast-moving world, it seems quite impossible to enjoy that level of freshness in food anymore. People have become a lot busier than ever before. Therefore, eating habits are also changed; with individuals prefer to take away their food to save some time. Apart from that people also save their leftover sandwiches to eat at another time.

This sandwich became dull and dry if you fail to heat it before eating. But, there are different ways to heat that sandwich like in an oven, and in the air fryer. Both of these methods have their benefits and drawbacks but re-heating the sandwich in an air fryer is the best way. It is not only a very easy and convenient way to reheat your sandwich also it keeps the taste and crispiness of your sandwich. In this blog, I will provide you with a complete guide that will help you re-heating your sandwich in an air fryer.

How healthy reheated sandwich is?

Reheated sandwiches are safe and heated when reheated properly. One must be seriously cautious with reheating a sandwich that contains meaty filling like barbeque chicken, beef, or pork. Some dietician prohibits reheating those sandwiches that are already reheated. Sandwiches should be heated properly rather than just being warm as they may cause some health problems especially when it contains meaty layers of chicken, fish, or pork. There is no need to get worried about it as I am going to explain all the steps need to perfectly reheat a sandwich in an air fryer to help you enjoy a healthy and delicious sandwich at times whenever you want.

Process of reheating a sandwich in an air fryer?

During the process of reheating sandwiches in an air fryer, people come up with different kinds of issues and complaints like too much crispiness in a sandwich, or cheese in the air fryer getting too much sticky while reheating in an air fryer. The issue, in this case, is not with the air fryer but with the person who is reheating the sandwich in an air fryer, as he/she may not set the right temperature, time duration, and process for different kinds of sandwiches. So to properly reheat a sandwich in an air fryer you must follow a certain procedure to get the best-reheated sandwich with full crispiness and taste. So without wasting time, I am going to elaborate full method to reheat sandwiches in an air fryer in the following steps

Step 1. Getting ready for reheating

The sandwich comes up with different kinds of ingredients in it. In case the sandwich contains Mayonnaise and cheese, then you should use parchment specifically on the basket of the air fryer. It will prevent the air fryer from getting messy and will prevent bread to become too crispy. Apart from that, you are also advised to use toothpicks to keep the slices of the sandwich connected and to confine the ingredients.

Step 2. Put the sandwich in the air fryer

The next step in reheating a sandwich in an air fryer is to put the sandwich in parchment in the basket. You have to be a bit cautious on this level. You should place the ingredients in a single layer to reheat all ingredients equally. If you have more ingredients that don’t fit in a single layer, then do not pile things up. You should reheat the remaining ingredients in the next shift. Apart from that make sure there is enough space between the sandwiches and they must not overlap with each other. You should leave proper spaces for hot air to move around different layers of sandwiches.

Step 3. Reheat sandwich

Now at this point, preheat the air fryer to 350°F for about a couple of minutes. Then reheat the sandwich for about 4 to 5 minutes at 350 degrees. If the size of the sandwich is average then it will heat well otherwise large size sandwiches take more than that. After heating one side of the sandwich, then remove the basket and turn the sides of the sandwich, and heat them up for 2 more minutes. Now, the sandwich should be completely and evenly heated at its temperature of around 165°F. You can check the temperature by using a thermometer or by using a butter knife to feel the temperature. Once you are satisfied with the warmth and crispiness of your sandwich, then take it out of the air fryer. Allow the sandwich to stand for a few minutes and eat it with your favorite sauce.

How to reheat a subway sandwich in an air fryer?

Because of the different ingredient compositions and quantity of subway sandwiches, they need a slightly different approach to reheating them. It can be done in the following simple steps;

Step 1. Put the subway sandwich in an air fryer

After placing the subway sandwich in the parchment of the air fryer, remove the upper bun of the sandwich because it will prevent it from burning otherwise air fryer will burn the upper bun.

Step 2. Reheat the subway sandwich

Instead of high heat, subway sandwiches require a medium level of heat at around 180 to 200 degrees, and that too for about 3 to 4 minutes. After this time, make sure the temperature of the sandwich must be 165 degrees.

Step 3. Adding the upper Bun

After that heat up the top bun separately for about 30 seconds. Now your subway sandwich is ready to be served.


Q. Why sandwiches became soggy after reheating?

A: Soggy sandwiches are not only unpleasant and least liked by people to have them on their eating table. It mostly happens when someone reheats a sandwich and lost its crispiness too. Moisture and air are the reason behind all this. And sometimes, when we reheat the sandwich in the oven, extra moisture is added, and that makes things worse. So, it’s always advised to use an air fryer for better results.

Q. Can we reheat Pizza in an air fryer?

A: Yes, an air fryer can be used to reheat pizza by maintaining its base crisp and its topping to perfection. However, pizza can become dry and dull in the air fryer. You must spray air fryer-safe oil over the pizza before reheating it to keep its maximum quality. After that just preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees and then place your pizza in it. Again spray the pizza with air fryer oil and then reheat for almost 2 to 3 minutes. Now your pizza is ready.

Note; pizza with a thick base will take more time and you must always check the temperature before stopping the heating process.

Q. Can we air-fry a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

A: Yes, peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be air fried. Its process is quite similar to the conventional method which you always has been using. For this process, you should spread peanut butter and jelly over the slices of bread. After closing the slices of the sandwich, now put butter on the outer sides of the slices and you can use the knife for that purpose. Now, place the butter side of the sandwich on the plates down. After placing the butter on the other side of the slice, air fryer this for the appropriate time and enjoy.

Q. How many types of sandwiches can we reheat in an air fryer?

A: We can air fryer almost every type of sandwich like;

    • Ham and cheese sandwiches
    • Seafood sandwich
    • Chicken Sandwiches
    • Grilled cheese sandwich
    • Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (BLT)
    • Nutella sandwiches


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