How to make Milkshake without Blender

How to make Milkshake without Blender

If you are looking for how to make a milkshake without a blender then you came to the right place. Do you want to make milkshakes without blenders? But you don’t have a milk machine or blenders? So you don’t have to worry. You can easily make your favorite shake without any blenders. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl or glass with any mixing ingredients in a shaker.

There are many ways to make milkshakes without blenders. Here are two simple ways you can easily understand.

How to make Milkshake without Blender

Method. 1

 Using the lid, Mix it in a container.

It’s another method if you don’t have blenders, so you need a container with a lid or a cocktail shaker, with which you can mix your milk and make a good shake. When the milk is left over and the container lid in which you store the milk, you can also use the container with that lid. If you do this you can make a good milkshake without blenders. Also, if you have a large wrapped jar such as a mason jar or blender bottle, you can use it.

If you can shake your ingredients like milk and sugar in it, you can use a very good drink of sugar.

Note: If you choose to use a bottle with a spherical whisk to mix your ingredients, so first mix some powder in the bottle well with milk, then add the rest of the ingredients like ice cream.

 Now you put the ice cream in your container.

You don’t have a blender so you should add a little bit of light ice cream. If you add a little ice cream it will mix easily, if you use more it will not work properly, but we find it difficult to mix thick ice cream.

If you want to mix ice cream, first choose a room with a higher temperature for more ice, and you can also use it if you have a microwave.

In addition to ice cream, frozen yogurt and syrup can also be easily changed or mixed.

Use homemade ice cream, it’s a good mix, and it can be easy to mix.

Then put the milk in a container and mix.


Put the milk you have in a container with ice cream. After that keep stirring for a long time and you want to keep the ratio of one part milk to about three parts ice cream.

Like your ice cream, condensed milk, your milk flow will be creamy.

If you are making milkshakes without blenders, and want to add a powder to your milkshakes, such as malt powder or protein powder, you should mix milk first.

If you want to make a milkshake without blenders, you can use a bottle of water with a spherical whisk, mix it with your milk and powder.

Then add the rest of your ingredients.

If you want to add some bran fruit or candy to your milk, you should put it on top of milk and ice cream.

If you want to add fruit or candy to your milk, you should first cut it into small pieces and put it in a hand container, and shake it vigorously, this will add to your milk well.

After adding all the ingredients, stir with a spoon.

 Before you shake your milk to get a decent surface, take a tablespoon and blend your fixings well. By crushing and mixing with a spoon, you will disseminate your fixings uniformly and mellow the frozen yogurt.

.When you don’t feel numerous clusters of frozen yogurt and have a predictable surface, you can quit blending and squashing.

Shake your container or bottle with the lid closed.


When you put everything in your container, shake well so that the milk and other flavors are easily mixed.

.Shake the container like when you put something else, but when you are mixing cocktails, hold your container from top to bottom and shake it well so that everything is mixed.

.When you start shaking, you have to keep shaking for at least 15 to 20 seconds, then check if you think your mixture is still solid, shake it again.

Now you can enjoy your milkshake.

Yes, you got your answer to the question of how to make a milkshake without a blender. When you put everything in the container, shake it well, then remove the lid and check its taste. If the milkshake is too thin, add a scoop of ice cream to it. If the milk is thick, add a little more milk and stir. Once you are satisfied and all things including milk are mixed and thinned, you can enjoy it.


METHOD 2.Mix your ingredients in a bowl.


Take something to mix.

If you do not have a blender, you may want a container. In which you can use the mixture, and mix all your ingredients by shaking vigorously.

If you do not have a blender, you can mix your ingredients with an electric mixer or food processor instead.

If you do not have both a blender and an electric mixer, you can use a handheld whisk.

Add ice cream first.

When the ice cream is light, it makes the milk shock fluffy. In contrast, thick ice cream makes it creamy. If you want to use a good taste with a good amount of candy in it, let it sit a little outside so that it is easier to get ice cream.

For ease of mixing ice cream or condensed milk with some scope and mix, choose a room that has a high temperature, and keep it for 10 to 12 minutes, or 20 if you have a microwave. Hold for seconds.

If you are using a soft drink such as frozen yogurt or syrup, you do not have to work hard, as they are quite soft.

If you don’t have a blender, and you want to make a shake, and add some fruit or candy pieces to it, make sure you cut them into small pieces with a lot of breaks.

After the ice cream, add milk to your bowl.

You need to have a ratio of about three parts ice cream in one part milk.

Like your ice cream, condensed milk, your milk flow will be creamy.

Before adding milk to your container or bowl, first, add the powder you are using to the milk. It is a good idea to add any powder to the milk beforehand, as it dissolves quickly. Also, if you have a spherical whisk as well as a water bottle or a cup, shake well using a spoon.

Combine all the ingredients you have.

You can make milkshakes without blenders, for this, you have the option to mix your ingredients. It depends on whether you want the consistency of dhak in your milk or not. If you are looking for a little conch, you can use a spoon or fork in it. If you want something smooth in it, keep mixing it with your hand.

.If you do not have a blender, you can use an electric mixer. This will mix your ingredients.


You take a spoon to decide and taste it once, if you are satisfied with your constant mood and it tastes as you want, then you have made the right decision.

.Now if you are not satisfied, and want it to be thinner, add a little milk. If you want to thicken, add more ingredients like ice cream.

Now your shake is ready, enjoy.

You should use as many ingredients as you want to prepare the shake, and if you want to use your shake cold, you should put it in the freezer for a while after preparing the shake.

Now that your milkshake is ready you can enjoy it.


You know how to make milkshakes with blenders but if you don’t have blenders, it can be a daunting task. But you can also make milkshakes without blenders, and have a lot of fun. This method can be difficult but you can do it well even if you do not use blenders.

You can mix homemade soft ingredients like ice cream, milk, and fruits that are easy to mix. For this, you have to do everything yourself. You can take fresh ice cream milk and other flavors and put some in a glass with your hands and shake, you can use the microwave, you can also use the mixture. Don’t take a break when you shake things with your hand.

Above we have explained all the methods in order. If you read and use them carefully, you will get many benefits. If you find our advice useful, let us know your valuable feedback.

If you find it difficult to do all this and you have given up this decision and you have decided that we have to use Blenders easily.

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