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How long to cook chicken patties in air fryer? No doubt, the Chicken patty is a favorite recipe of almost every person. From adults to old age loves to eat this delicious recipe. But everyone doesn’t want to order an online chicken patty for the whole family and special guests or some people love to eat their homemade recipes rather than brand foods. The reason is that many brands use different types of spices to make food spicier which is not fit for our health. So, people prepare their homemade recipes. Is the same case with the chicken patties. Homemade chicken patties in the air fryer are more delicious.

If you are in search of the recipe for chicken patties in the air fryer and want to know how long to cook chicken patties in the air fryer then you are in the right place to clear all your confusion about chicken patties. In this article, I’m going to explain what the recipe chicken patty is, what ingredients are required to make your chicken patty delicious,  how to make a chicken patty in the air fryer, how long a chicken patty takes to cook in the air fryer, and what measures should be taken during the whole process of preparation of chicken patty in the air fryer.

What is a chicken patty!

There are many types of chicken patties. These are usually foods that are frozen and reheated at home. We always love to make these frozen foods at home. These are easy to make at home in no time. Some of them are whole chicken, thighs, drumsticks, and many more. Chicken nuggets are ground chicken. This ground chicken is then pressed and breaded. Tyson patty is one of the prime examples of a commonly eaten chicken dish.


How to make chicken patties in the air fryer?

If you are a chicken patty lover and don’t know how to make chicken patties in your air fryer then follow these steps to make your favorite recipe. It’s very easy to make chicken patties in the air fryer.

👉 First of all, you need to preheat your air fryer before making a chicken patty. Heat your air fryer from 350 degrees – to 400 degrees. The reason to preheat the air fryer is that it will cook patties evenly.

👉 When you realized that your air fryer is heated thoroughly then it’s the best time to place your Chicken patties in the air fryer. Keep in mind that patties are placed on one slide of the air fryer.

👉 When your chicken patties are rightly placed in one slide for cooking then you must note the time. Place your patties for just 7-8 minutes for cooking.

👉 After this, Flip your patties in half because in this way the other side of the patties is also cooked properly.

👉 Now it’s time to cook buns. Now place the buns inside the air fryer. In this step, also note the time limit. It must not be more than 2 minutes.

👉Remove these from the air fryer.

👉Place the fried chicken patties on the buns.

👉Your delicious chicken is ready and you can enjoy this. You can also store your chicken patties for later use.


Measures should be taken during the whole process of preparation of chicken patty in the air fryer :


When you are cooking patties in the air one thing you must keep in mind is temperature. Most air fryers are digital. So have to select the temperature on the digital screen. The temperature must be between 350 degrees to 400 degrees. If the temperature is increased than this range then it will burn your chicken patties and if your chicken patties are burnt then you will not enjoy your delicious chicken patties. Hence it will give you a burnt taste of chicken patties. So for luscious chicken patties temperature selection is very important.

Time limitations:

The time limitation is a significant factor in chicken patties making in fryers. Place your chicken patties in the air fryer for just 7-8 minutes and place buns for a maximum of 2 minutes. If chicken patties are placed in the air fryer for more than the given time it also burns your chicken patties.


The flipping of patties is very important to prevent your chicken patties from burning. Flip your patties twice during the time limit of 7-8 minutes. If you don’t flip your chicken patties then you will not enjoy luscious chicken patties because one side of patties will completely burn but another side will not be fully baked. One burnt side will give you one taste and a half-baked site will give you a different taste.


How long to cook chicken patties in an air fryer?

Chicken patties are of different types. So different chicken patties usually take various times. Some Chicken patties contain only a few ingredients and some contain more ingredients. The chicken patties which contain fewer ingredients take less time to cook properly and similarly the chicken patties which contain more ingredients take more time to cook. So time varies from patties to patties. But there is an average time limit for chicken patties. Mostly chicken patties take 7-8 minutes to cook. On the other hand, buns take only 2 minutes to bake completely. The whole process of cooking chicken patties takes a maximum of 20 minutes. In this very short time, you can prepare your chicken patties and enjoy them. In other words, if you are in hurry and you are feeling hungry then chicken patties are suitable for you to eat. It saves your time and satisfies your hunger.


Q. How do you know when chicken patties are done?

Ans: if you are new at this don’t worry you will learn the techniques quickly. the easiest way to check if the patties are done is to cut the center with a knife and check if the center is firm and the meat is not pinkish then the patties are cooked.

Q. Can you put raw chicken in an air fryer?

Ans:  Yes. of course you can cook raw chicken in your air fryer. you can easily cook raw meat from scratch in your air fryer if you want. Not only it will be healthy and delicious but some of the recipes will be ready in less than 30 mins. just preheat your air fryer then place your chicken for 8 mins in your air fryer at 400°F for 8 mins. Make sure to flip your chicken halfway through.

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