Can You Boil Water In An Air Fryer?

can you boil water in an air fryer

Can You Boil Water In An Air Fryer?

An air fryer is an innovative and modern kitchen appliance. It has revolutionized the way we cook with a traditional method. It helps you in making many recipes like cooking scrambled eggs, Reheating sandwiches, and making chicken fries. Due to the variety of its uses, people mostly wonder if we can boil water in an air fryer. At first, this idea seems to be very strange as an air fryer is generally linked to dry cooking and cooking frozen food.

In this guide, We will explain all the possibilities of heating and boiling water in an air fryer.

Can we put water in an air fryer?

It is not recommended to put water in your air fryer. Since it is an electric device and if overfilled it can damage the appliance itself. An air fryer is meant to crisp and air fry food not boil or steam.

You can’t boil water in an air fryer but it doesn’t mean you cannot put water at all. There are certain conditions in which you can use a small quantity of water.

For instance, you are reheating pizza in an air fryer and don’t want it to be dried and burnt. In this case, before placing the pizza you can add 1 or 3 tablespoons of water to maintain the moisture. You can do the same while baking and roasting anything. Apart from that, you should use water to avoid burning in case of some recipes.

And there are plenty of reasons you should avoid putting water in an air fryer. Like when you are cooking your frozen food.

How can you boil water in an air fryer?

Air fryers are kitchen appliances that are used for frying food. It is difficult to boil water in an air fryer. You cannot boil water in an air fryer and it is not an efficient way to boil water as compared to a stove. There are certain reasons behind it.

  • First, is that we need high temperatures to boil water which is difficult to achieve while using an air fryer for this purpose.
  • Secondly, it will take a lot more time to boil water than the usual method.
  • Thirdly, we can only boil very little quantity of water in order to boil it.

Apart from all these reasons, you must consider the kind of air fryer and read the users’ guide in this matter. So technically, we can though boil water in an air fryer but it is NOT an effective and efficient way to do so.

Advantages of adding water to an air fryer.

As we discussed there are only a few conditions in which adding water to an air fryer will help you. As water is not required in many recipes for air fryers.

  • But, in the case of fatty food like hamburgers and bacon, you should add water to it as these food drip out grease and eventually cause smoking. Smoking is not only dangerous for your health but it destroys the taste of the food as well.–
  • Water is a very helpful part of cooking as it moisturizes the food and particles absorbed by what you are cooking will give it a new taste.
  • In the case of baked items, a few drops of water added to the basket will make them very fresh.
  • Water is very helpful while cooking meat as it will add grease and help cook meat early.

Disadvantages of adding water to an air fryer.

Air fryers can do many wonders like air frying, baking, cooking, reheating, and much more. But there are limits even for an air fryer.

  • If you add water more than an air fryer could handle then it can cause some serious consequences.
  • It can cause spills everywhere. 💦
  • Can cause a short circuit⚡. 
  • 💧 Droplets can get into electrical parts and can permanently damage your device.

When to add water to an air fryer?

Water and air fryer do not go well with each other. In case you want to add water to an air fryer, you must know to add very little quantity of water to it; with the help of a tablespoon. Adding more water will splash in the air fryer and will eventually cause a short circuit if it comes in contact with the electrical parts of an air fryer. Thus you should keep water away from the electrical part of the air fryer. Apart from that, there are a few exceptions in which adding water may actually be helpful.

1. To prevent smoking and burning: 

While cooking fatty foods like bacon and other meats. If cooked for too long can cause it to burn and produce smoke. The smoke can get all over your kitchen and cause a horrible smell in the kitchen. to avoid this you can add a small amount of water before the cooking process. It will not only keep the meat tender but will also prevent it from burning.

2. To clean the air fryer:

It is very hard to boil water in an air fryer but you can heat the water to clean an air fryer. Air fryers are very helpful kitchen tools and they get dirty while cooking. There are certain things you should keep in mind while cleaning the air fryer with water. The first thing is that you should never wash the air fryer directly with a splash of water as it will short-circuit the electrical parts of the fryer. Secondly, always use a wet cloth to wash the external part of the air fryer and for washing the inside of the air fryer, make sure to plug it off and then wash it with hot water.

Can you put water in an air fryer to steam something?

In order to steam something, you must have a high level of temperature. But, in the case of an air fryer, you cannot achieve that temperature, hence you cannot steam something in an air fryer. With this, you cannot cook many recipes like rice. You can only heat water to a certain degree.

can you boil water in an air fryer


The possibilities with an air fryer go very far, Still, you should not forget that it is not meant for everything. In this article, we discussed both the cases of adding and not adding water to an air fryer and what to expect if you do so. We hope that this was helpful to you if you have any more questions leave a comment below. 


Q. Can we cook rice in an air fryer?

A: No, you cannot cook rice in an air fryer, as it will take the water of steam in an air fryer. You cannot achieve that high temperature that is required to cook rice in an air fryer.

Q. Can we put liquid in an air fryer?

A: Yes, you can add a little quantity of liquid to an air fryer. But, it will depend upon the model of the air fryer. Therefore, we recommend you always read user’s guide manual in order to find complete guidelines about your appliance.

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