Can you use a blender as a food processor?

Can you use a blender as a food processor

Many of you mix up the two terms “ Blenders” and “Food Processor” and think they are the same. But these are two different terms and both have different functions. Many beginner cooks make the mistake and think that blenders and food processors are the same and have the same functions. Because these two devices look quite similar. But have different functions. If you want to know that can you use a blender as a food processor, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will explain the main differences between Blenders and Food Processors more clearly. And tell you some ways of using a blender as a food processor. So, you can decide whether you need to buy both of them or just one.

first, let’s talk about how they both function.

Blenders :

The blenders are electronic kitchen appliances that are used to blend liquids. Mainly they are used in the kitchen for different purposes like making juices and milkshakes, you can also make milkshake without blender. A full-size blender uses a power of 600 Watts. The size and parts of the blender vary from brand to brand. Most blenders include these parts which perform different functions.

  • Housing or base
  • Blade
  • Jar
  • Gasket or seal ring
  • Jar base or Jar nut
  • Lid 

Working of Blender :

First of all, put all the ingredients into a jar and turn the blender “on”. The blender uses the high speed to blend the ingredients. In blenders semi, Solid ingredients blend whatever you want to make. Then, the blades tore the ingredients into tiny and minor pieces by pulling them towards the centre and blend them.

The Size of the blender is usually 8 to 22 inches in height and the weight of the blender ranges from 4 to 9 pounds.(1 pound = 453.59 grams)

Food Processor:

A food processor is also an electronic kitchen appliance that is used in Chopping, pureeing, making pastry dough, slicing, shredding, and even dicing. A food processor is generally used for solid or hard food items like grinding meat. The size, weight, and power of processors vary. A full-size food processor contains 8 cups or larger and uses fine power of 600 watts. Mostly food processor contains most commonly following parts :

  • Motor
  • Controls
  • The Centrifuge lid
  • The bowl
  • Sharp blades

Working of Food Processor :

The using method of the blender and food processor is not very different. No doubt, a food processor is a wonderful kitchen appliance that saves you much time and energy as well. Food processors are mainly used for grinding, slicing shredding, churning, and much more. So first of all put your ingredients let say vegetables into the bowl which uses different blades. Cover the bowl with the help of a centrifuge lid.  Now with the help of control turn it “ON” at the speed of your own choice. The motor starts rotating, the Centrifuge lid pushes the ingredients towards the centre and the sharp blades help to tore the vegetables into pieces of your choice.

Blenders VS Food Processor :

  • Blenders are used to blend soft solid and wet ingredients to make a smooth mixture.
  • requires more power to run a motor
  • consumes more electricity.
  • has less storage capacity.
  • it has only one X or wing shape fixed blade.
Food Processor
  • Food Processors use strong solids for food preparation tasks.
  •  requires less power to run a motor
  •  It requires less electricity
  • has more storage capacity.
  • doesn’t have fixed blades in this way blades do no work properly.

Can You Use a Blender as a Food Processor?

If you have already bought a Blender and you are a little bit confused that “Can you use a blender as a food processor? Yes, of course, you can use your Blender as a food processor but under certain circumstances and in a limited range. Blenders are also used as a food processor to make different foodstuff.

Baby Food:

No doubt babies are dear to everyone and they eat only specific foodstuff. So if you have a baby and you worry about his / her food. Then not to worry. The thing only you have to do is put a cup of freshly cooked vegetables into the blender jar and fixed the blender at high speed. After few minutes a fine smooth mixture (baby food) will be ready it’s that easy.


Grinding foods is also possible with a blender instead of a food processor. If you have a blender to want to grind some foodstuff like black pepper, dry red and green peppers, and coriander. It is an easy method to grind these into powder by only replacing a large blender jar with a small one. Put your above ingredients into this jar and Turn On your blender at medium speed. After few minutes you will get a powder form.

Crushing Ice:

If you have a large piece of ice and you want to crush it into small cubes and still you’re thinking about how to crush these large pieces into small cubes. Just place them into a jar and blend it at high speed until the large piece is crushed into  3 to 5 cubes.

Chopping of Vegetables :

you cab also chop vegetables without a food processor. This can be done by your blender by using a tamper. Put your soft solid vegetables into a jar and turn “ON” your blender at the lowest speed. The tamper pushes the ingredients towards the center downward were sharp blades cut the vegetables into fine pieces. Remember one thing blender can be used to chop only soft solid vegetables. So in this way, your blender can be used as a “Chopper”.

Pieces of Bread:

Blender can also be used to get pieces of bread just like a food processor. Put the 2 or 3 slides into a blender and turn your blender to high speed for just 30 seconds to one minute only. In this way, you will get fine pieces of bread and there you have homemade bread crumbs.

Tomato ketchup:

If you have a blender and looking for tomato ketchup then it’s okay to prepare your homemade tomato ketchup. Cut the tomato into pieces. Place all the ingredients into a blender and turn your blender at medium speed. After few minutes you will get a paste of tomato ketchup.

(By the same process you can also make various sauces)

Shredded cheese:

you can also shred cheese with a blender. Cut the hard cheese into tiny slices. The size of one slice should be at least 2 to 3 inches. Put these into a blender and let the slices blend at high speed. After 30 seconds to one minute to will get Shredded cheese.


You can also make homemade pesto with help of a blender if you don’t have a food processor. Put ¾ cup of Olive oil, ¾  cup of parmesan cheese, two cups of minced leaves, 3 minced garlic cloves, and ¼ cup of pine nuts. Turn your blender at medium speed for just one to 3 minutes. As a result, you will get smooth and creamy homemade pesto.

Blender or Food Processor?

Nowadays blenders and food processors both are useful products and are necessary kitchen gadgets. Both perform different tasks except few tasks which are common in both blender and food processor. you should know the task blender or food processor performs before buying.

If you want to shred, chop, slice and make smooth pastes you should buy the only blender because a blender is best for making protein shakes but can also perform the task of a food processor as well.

But if you want to prepare your food and want to shred, chop and grind some tough solid items you should buy a food processor.

It’s better to buy both if there is no shortage of budget.


Blender can work as a blender as well as a food processor. In this way, you can save your money as well as space in your kitchen. But the Food processor performs some tough tasks which a blender cannot do.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Which one is cheap and affordable?

A: It depends on the brand of the product. Some brands of blenders are cheap and cheap and affordable and some brands are more expensive. It also depends on the quality and material used in the brand. Similar case with a food processor?

Q: Which one is recommended by experts?

A: As you know both have their different tasks to perform. But as a concern with an expert. Most experts recommend blenders instead of food processors because blender perform more tasks than a food processor and it is easy to handle.

Q: Can we grind Coffee with a blender?

A: Yes, you can grind coffee beans with a blender. But it is much risky for cheap blenders because these blenders cause friction which is much risk for a motor.

Q: Can you use a food processor as a blender?

A: Yes, of course, a food processor is also used as a blender but for some limited foodstuff because a food processor also has a blender that spins much slower. Due to the slow spinning of the motor, it consumes more time.

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