Best small air fryer for one person | Review 2022.

Best small air fryer for one person

If you live alone and want to switch to healthy frying by purchasing an air fryer. But you are not sure that maybe it is too big for a single person and a lot of money to invest. Therefore, in this article, we have reviewed some of the best air fryers for one person. And how purchasing a small air fryer can be beneficial for you.

an air fryer is without a doubt the best alternative for deep frying, it works by blowing hot air with the help of a heating element around your food. Which will cause your food to heat up and cook. The hot air also helps lower the amount of moisture and makes the outside of your food crispy while keeping the inside still full of juices and flavor.

They come in many sizes but if you live alone looking for a small and compact air fryer that easily fits on your countertop and fulfill all your expectations. Now without wasting any more time let’s take a look at some of the best air fryers in the market which are best for single-person use.

 Top 10 best small air fryers for one person.


1. Chefman TurboFry 2 Quart Air Fryer, best for personal use.


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This personal air fryer is best for people, who are short on space and are living in a small apartment. It will save you a lot of space on your kitchen countertop and will be easily stored in your cabinet. With this Chefman air fryer, you will be able to achieve the perfect and crispy fried results you wanted by using up to 98% less oil.

This versatile kitchen appliance will let you air-fry everything from frozen vegetables to chicken. You can even use it to reheat your leftover dessert.

It has manual time and temperature control. The temperature ranges from 200oF to 400oF and the timer will go up to 30 minutes allowing you to cook a variety of different dishes.

It also ensures your safety by providing a detachable BPA-free basket and an auto-shutoff feature so it will turn itself off when the cooking cycle is over.

Pros cons
  • Perfect crispy results every time
  • Best for personal use
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA free basket
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Burnt plastic smell at first use



2. GoWISE USA 2.75-Quart Digital compact air fryer.


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Now eat healthier with this GoWISE compact best air fryer for one person. It uses rapid air technology which let you cook your food in 30 minutes or less and with this air fry you also don’t have to worry about consuming any extra calorie with your food.

Its button controls make it very simple to set temperature and time and easy to use. The temperature ranges from 170oF to 400oF and a timer of 30 minutes. And when the cooking is done it will automatically switch to standby mode.

Comes with a non-stick and PFOA-free air frying basket and pan. And a button guard cool-touch handle, which will prevent any type of accidental detachments of the basket to avoid any type of inconvenience.

Pros cons
  • Rapid air technology
  • Timer up to 30 minutes
  • Non-stick pan and basket
  • Button guard handle
  • The non-stick layer on the basket may peel off after a couple of months




3. Dash Tasty Crisp Electric Air Fryer with Temperature Control.


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Now you can enjoy a healthier version of all fried food. Because this Dash tasty crisp air fryer uses air crisp technology which requires 70-80% less oil to fry your food with the same flavor as deep-fried. Just simply load the 2Qt basket set the temperature and time and the food will come out crispy every time. it’s that easy.

It can fry food in less time than it will require to pre-heat your normal oven. less cooking and pre-heating time also make this air fryer energy efficient and an auto-shutoff feature will prevent your food from overcooking.

This a perfect appliance for those who want food in less quantity or for a single person. It can prepare 1 dozen chicken wings or 1lb or fries or anything you want from appetizers to dessert it can cook it for you.

Lightweight and half the weight of a standard kitchen oven. which makes it very easy to store and fit on your countertop. Its sleek and trendy design will also look beautiful in your kitchen.


Pros cons
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The sleek design plus trendy colors
  • Air crisp technology
  • Faster cooking
  • Easy to use
  • Numbers on the dials come off after a few uses.



4. Secura best air fryer for one person with a 3.4Qt capacity.


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If you want to eat more without sacrificing the countertop space, this Secura air fryer will be the best option. its 2 liters large capacity basket is enough to prepare any main entrée dish.

And with hot air cooking method which uses hot air with a combination of high-speed air circulation so now you can enjoy healthy and tasty fried goodness in a very fast and easy way.

The amazing 60 minutes timer allows you to cook a variety of foods with a very little grease. And the temperature of 180oF to 400oF will give you full control over the type of food you are cooking.

Pros cons
  • 60 minutes cooking timer
  • 2 liters capacity
  • High-speed air circulation for faster cooking
  • Temperature and time knobs for easy settings
  • The basket gets lock sometimes and is hard to remove



5. BELLA Electric Hot Air Fryer, Cooking, Baking, and Roasting.


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This small version of the convection oven will let you cook crispy French fries with golden brown texture, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, and onion rings, without any unnecessary calories and unhealthy fats.

The 2.6 quarts basket is capable of holding up to 2.2lbs of food. Just fill your basket with whatever you want to cook set the temperature and time and after your food is done cooking the indicator lights will turn on so you can know that your food Is ready.

Its cook-touch parts will allow you to check your food safely without getting burn and an auto-shutoff feature for extra safety makes it the best air fryer for one person.

1500W power with circular heat technology will ensure that your food is cooked evenly from all sides without an oily mess. And the removable basket is also dishwasher safe which also makes it easier to clean.

Pros cons
  • Cool-touch parts
  • Dishwasher safe removable basket
  • 1500W circular heat technology
  • Even cooking without any oil mess
  • The screws on the basket handle are very loose




6. Elite Gourmet Personal 2.1 Qt. best Compact Space Saving air fryer.


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If you want a compact size air fryer that will let enjoy your favorite fried dishes without the guilt. Then this Elite Gourmet air fryer is for you. it will let you cook healthy with up to 85% less oil for fat-free and delicious meals.

Just add your food to its 2.1Q capacity basket which can hold up to 1.5lb of food. After adding the food just add a tablespoon of oil or spray it over your food set the temperature and time and start cooking just like that.

With less oil and air frying technology now, you don’t have to worry about getting burnt by the oil splatters you were like to get from deep frying. Adjustable temperature and time will let you fry, bake, grill, roast all with just one appliance.

The temperature ranges from 180oF to 395oF and with a timer of 30 minutes which will shut off the air fryer automatically after the cooking cycle ends. It is safe with its PFOA/PTFE-free non-stick pan and a cool-touch handle so you can safely remove foods from the air fryer without burning your hand.

Pros cons
  • PFOS/PTFE free non-stick basket
  • Compact size
  • High power convection fan
  • Cooking with up to 85%less oil
  • Dial temperature marking comes off after a few uses



7. Hamilton Beach 2.6 Quart Digital Air Fryer Oven with 6 Presets.


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Enjoy fast and powerful cooking with Hamilton Beach best air fryer for one person. Achieve the best taste with very little to no oil. It ensures fast cooking with no preheating time.

It comes with 6 pre-programmed cooking settings so you can cook anything with ease. These one-touch cooking programs include French fries, chicken, seafood, steak, baked goods, and veggies.

Let’s say if you want to cook French fries all you have to do is place the fries in the bucket and select the French fry option and it will automatically select the required temperature and time

Its basket can hold up to 2.5lbs of food and is easily removable, making it very simple to clean just by a handwash.

Pros cons
  • User friendly
  • Best for making fries and pizza rolls
  • 6 preset cooking options
  • Easy to clean
  • Inside basket rust quickly



8. New House Kitchen Digital 3.6 Quart Air Fryer with Touch Screen.


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No matter what type of cooking need you have this air fryer can fulfill it. now cook a better version of all your foods with 98% less oil than traditional fryers. The temperature can be adjusted from 175-400oF which lets you cook a variety of different dishes from air frying vegetables to frozen foods and leftovers.

And a timer that can run for up to 60-minutes to provide you convenience whether you are air frying, baking, or, roasting. If you prefer cooking in Celsius then you can also change the temperature settings on this air fryer from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

With an auto-shutoff feature now you don’t have to go to your kitchen and check every time that everything is turned off. It is compact enough to fit on any countertop space and its flat basket design will allow you to fry a higher quantity of your food.

Its basket has a capacity of 3.5L which can be easily removed from the unit and is also dishwasher safe with a non-stick coating. Make sure your air fryer is placed in an open space when you are using it.

Pros cons
  • 3.5-liter basket
  • Touch screen control
  • Fahrenheit to Celsius settings
  • Flat basket design for 40% increased capacity
  • The poor touch sensitivity of digital controls



9. BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter best Air Fryer for one person.


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This air fryer has a cooking capacity of 2L and an amazing dual convection fan technology. Which blows super-hot air around your food with the help of its exclusive heating element for faster and crispier results than ever before.

With adjustable temperature control now find the best suitable temperature for anything from frozen vegetables to pizza rolls. the temperature can be set from 175-400oF and a timer for up to 60 minutes. And it will automatically turn itself off after the timer is up.

Non-stick and removable parts make it very easy to clean. And now pour or remove your food without fear of getting burnt with its cool-touch handle.

Pros cons
  • 2 L capacity can fit enough snacks and main dishes
  • Dual convection fans
  • Exclusive heating element
  • Non-stick removable parts
  • The screws on the basket handle keep loosening.




10. NutriChef, 2 Quart-1000w Power oil-less Dry Machine.


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This electric multicooker unlike other air fryers for one person has a 2Q large easy to clean slide-out basket. So, you can even cook for more than one person all those delicious and healthy yummy dishes.

With this air fryer, you can cook multiple dishes like crispy fried chicken, fish, steak, French fries, pizza, and much more with just one single kitchen appliance.

This multi-purpose cooker was tested in the laboratory to make sure it prepares healthy meals with very low fat and great taste more efficiently and effectively. It features a simple rotatory control which makes setting temperature and time very easy. Just place your food inside set the time/temperature and let it cook your food to perfect crispiness.

Pros cons
  • Great for health-conscious people
  • Simple and easy rotatory control
  • Laboratory tested to prepare healthy meal more efficiently
  • Perfect for making potato fries
  • The size is very big regardless of its capacity



What to look for while purchasing the best air fryer for one person

Best small air fryer for one person


Compact and space-saving design

If you are a single person and live alone then the first thing you should consider while purchasing an air fryer is its size. A small air fryer of 2 Qt capacity will be more than enough for you. remember the bigger the air fryer the more it will cost you so if you are short on space and want to cook for only yourself then getting a small one will be a smart choice.

Range of temperature and time

Another thing to consider is how much your air fryer temperature range and how long it can run without starting over. Usually, an air fryer for personal use will have a temperature range of 170-400oF

With a 30 minutes timer. A wider range of temperature and time will allow you to cook a different variety of foods and you can select the desired temperature for whatever you want to cook.

Basic Functions

If your only concern is air frying then a small-size compact air fryer will be enough to provide all the basic functions. Many other air fryers offer a lot more features like a rotisserie, dehydration, and more. but if you have no plan to use any of these extra features then there is no need to spend any extra money on them.


If you are looking for a small air fryer you can carry it around with you whenever you need it. Then another thing to look for in your air fryer is its weight it has to be lightweight and compact enough that you can lift and store it easily.


A 2Qt capacity air fryer will cost you around 30-80$ depending on their features and quality. You can select from a lot of options in the market according to your need.


Is it better to switch to a bigger air fryer?

There are a lot of limitations when it’s come to compact air fryers you cannot cook everything you want with them and the versatility, they offer are nothing compared to a large air fryer.

A large air fryer can cost you from a 100$ to 300$. The price varies from the features they offer. You can cook a whole chicken or any type of meal for your whole family in one go. You can even dehydrate your favorite fruits and vegetables and much more.

A large air fryer will also come with a lot of accessories to help you with all types of cooking. But if you don’t want to spend that much money or you don’t have enough space in your kitchen then switching to a bigger air fryer won’t benefit you at all. A lot of people ask after purchasing an air fryer. is how to clean air fryer. therefore a small air fryer will also be easy to clean.



Q. Is an air fryer good for one person?

A: Air fryers are very versatile cooking appliances they can be very helpful if you want to switch to healthy cooking or want to lose weight. It can be good for anyone either you want to cook for a whole family or just a single person. It will be effective for both.

Air fryer for one person can be very beneficial it will not only cook your food in less time but also without much effort.

Q. What can I cook with an air fryer for one person?

A: Air fryers for one person are very small in size and provide very basic functions. although you can cook many things from French fries, chicken wings, and roast many different vegetables and reheat some leftover dishes. But if you want to roast a whole chicken or prepare a full meal for your whole family then a normal size air fryer might not be enough.

Q. What is a good air fryer for one person?

A: Any air fryer which can perform basic functionality or frying and has a basket capacity of 2Qt is considered to be an ideal air fryer for personal use. it is enough to prepare many appetizers and whole meals for a single person.

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