Air fryer vs convection oven |Is an air fryer the same as a convection oven?

Air fryer vs convection oven

If you want to fry without oil and a healthy version of all your foods. Then there are two options available in the market for you to choose an air fryer vs convection oven. While both of them use hot air to cook your food, you should know some other differences before you choose any of them.

They both are very popular nowadays in the market due to their way of cooking. But while choosing there must be a lot of questions in your head that we will try to answer in this article. And deeply review the features between air fryer vs convection oven so you can choose wisely.

Air fryer vs convection oven.

First, let’s talk about:

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a versatile modern-day kitchen appliance. Which with the help of a heating element blows super-hot air around your food and cooks it evenly from the inside. And a great deep-fried texture from the outside without using any type of oil or grease.

You can say that it is a smaller version of a convection oven. But the design and features are totally different. Air fryers have different air fryer sizes but are usually smaller in size and are best for saving space on your countertop. Due to their small size, they are easy to carry and store but the smaller size means less amount of food. So, if you are cooking for the whole family or more than 3 to 4 people. Then you might have to cook in more cycles.

Unlike a convection oven, the air fryers have baskets for air frying. Which makes sure optimal airflow around your food and cooks it quickly and evenly. The heating elements in air fryers are usually present at the top or at the bottom. And due to their smaller size, the heating element is also very close to your food. Hence the heat will react quickly to your food and the cooking cycle will start immediately.

This advanced kitchen appliance will air-fry and perform many other functions like bake, broil, dehydrate, rotisserie, and much more. And some air fryers also come with preinstalled cooking programs so can easily access all these features with a touch of a button.

Depending on the model they will also have a digital LCD display. Which will make setting temperature and time very easy. And you can see easily at what temperature you are cooking.


What is a convection oven?

A convection oven also has a fan and an exhaust system that blows hot air around food to cook it. They are usually rectangular in shape and create a convection effect inside the oven’s cavity. Which results in faster cooking. And by turning off the fan you can use it for baking your cookies or cakes as well. you can also get many ovens with built in air fryer as well in the market.

The convection ovens are just like your regular toaster oven but with a fan and large space as compared to an air fryer. This means you can cook all your favorite dishes in just one cycle for your whole family. Some convection oven also comes with more than one heating element which makes cooking progress even faster.

Being large in size they will cook more amount of food and are best for large families. And party size servings but the larger size means more coverage of area and more weight so carrying and storing them won’t be as easy as it sounds.

They have a door that opens in downward directions with the help of a handle and is equipped with a see-through glass door so can see the progress of your food while it cooks.

Now let’s talk about some of their major differences.


As discussed, you can see the main difference between both the appliances is their sizes air fryers are smaller in size and are better for people with less countertop space and smaller families. but if space is not an issue or you have a large family then a convection oven will be better for you.

Heat distribution:

The air fryers usually consist of only one heating element which is present at the top or at the bottom of the air fryer on the other hand convection ovens may consist of more than one heating element sometimes a third heating element which is called true convention this method makes heat distribution better all over the food.

Easy to use:

Due to their preset setting and digital display, the air fryers are more user-friendly and easy to use.  But monitoring food is better in convection ovens. Since they come with a see-through door in air fryers you will have to open the door to see the progress.


Convection ovens are generally easier to clean than an air fryer. Because in air fryers there is a basket which fits in a bucket. So, while cooking dishes covered with batter there will be a lot of dripping and more things to clean while in a convection oven you just have to clean a pan.


Air fryers with more features and better quality can go up to 300$. And on the other hand, a convection oven even with less price can cook more quantity and different variety of foods.

Preheating time:

Since air fryers are small in size and the heating element is close to the food. The air fryers will preheat pretty quickly instead of a convection oven due to their large interior.

Working noise:

Air fryers usually make more noise while using instead of a convection oven which is much quieter. But with technological advancements, this problem will be solved soon and is under consideration.


Air fryers can perform many different functions like air frying, dehydrating, and rotisserie. So, it also comes with a lot of accessories. Like rotisserie skewer and rods, dehydrating racks, air frying baskets, and baking pans, etc.

 Air fryer vs convection oven which one to consider:

Air fryers with their sleek and beautiful design will not only look beautiful in your kitchen but will also take up very little space the only disadvantage of an air fryer is that it cannot cook more amount of food so you will have to cook in different batches. The convection ovens on the other hand have a lot of space.

And if you are looking for more accessories there is one more reason to choose the air fryer because they come with a lot of accessories. After reading all the factors discussed above now you know which one is better for you and why. Also if you want an appliance with features of both an air fryer and a convection oven. you can also purchase the Best oven with built-in air fryer easily from the market.

Frequently asked questions.

Q. Is an air fryer the same as a convection oven?

A: While both air fryer and convection oven use hot air and fry your food an air fryer has the advantage of air frying baskets through which air circulates all around the food and cooks it quickly and evenly.

Q. Is an air fryer better than a convection oven?

A: Air fryers are small in size, therefore, it preheats quickly as compared to a convection oven due to their large size. Less preheating time means your food will also cook fast. The only disadvantage of having an air fryer is. Is that you won’t be able to cook more amount of food at once due to its small basket size.

Q. Can I use my convection oven like an air fryer?

A: Air fryers are basically known as smaller convection ovens because they also use the convection effect by blowing hot air around your food to fry it. so yes, you can use your convection oven like an air fryer as well.

Q. Are convection ovens safe for health?

A: Yes, convection ovens are totally safe for your health because they use air for frying foods, therefore you don’t need too much oil to fry your food so it is a lot healthier than traditional deep-frying.


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